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Atlantis EVO extended kit

by Vape Dojo on October 05, 2018

Lets see those SPECs

This tank is designed to combat even the thickest E-liquid you can use. The coil design purposely keeps your E-liquid flowing continuously. They have placed the wick holes as low as they could on the coil so not a single drop is "safe" anymore. This is well thought through for every type of vaper. I am very impressed with this design. Having these wick holes so low on the coil changes the game in such a good, efficient way. I was always tire of having to refill my tank when there is still a quarter of E-liquid in the tank. To be able to look at your tank and say its not empty yet - that's the correct way and it's great. I would always say my tank is empty when there was clearly a fair amount E-liquid still left over. I really like that it seems all companies are sticking to top fill tank designs. This tank is just so easy to fill and to also clean when needed. 

I really like the extended kit when it comes to versatility. To be able to switch between a 2ml capacity to a 4ml capacity is so easy and such a nice touch. All you have to do is unscrew the top where you fill, then remove the glass, then spin the metal extension onto the coil, then put the extended glass on and spin the top back on. The only thing you have to remember to do is to remove the extended piece off of the coil when replacing the coil because i you throw away that extension piece the rest of the extension pieces are worthless. I have never had this issue before but i'm just making sure it is clear that you remember to do that. Here is a picture for reference if my description was not clear.  

Lets talk about the coils a little more

Now I have said some stuff about the coils already, and how can I not talk more about them when the coils are the main part to any tank. Again the coil design is amazing when it comes to wicking efficiently. The low profile wicking holes are great for being able to use up all of the E-liquid that you have put into your tank while not having to fill when there is still a quarter of E-liquid still in it. The low profile design is also great for high VG E-liquid because it is able to use gravity and the suction you are creating when pulling on it to pull the E-liquid in a lot better than any other tank I have seen so far. I know your thinking, "well that means it is going to leak then." No, not really, not when you are in the correct wattage range that is listed on your coil. The coil is designed to not have leaking problems when used correctly. The manner in which they wrapped the coil with cotton is very well done. I have not poked at the cotton or needed to run the wattage lower or higher then recommended because I have not had any issues. The one part I really love about these coils is that you are able to use them in any Atlantis or Triton tanks and - you guessed it - yes, that means you can also use the Atlantis and Triton coils in this tank as well. I have tried the 1.8ohm Triton coils and the 0.4 ohm Atlantis coils in this tank and neither of them gave me any issue. The 1.8 ohm Triton coils seem to be giving me more flavor with this tank than the original Triton tank. I have no clue what is making this happen with this tank's design, but my only guess is the airflow of this tank is "just right" for these coils. Changing the coil is the only thing i really wish companies would make a little less messy. It is still easy to change the coil but you need to make sure your tank is empty when changing the coil or expect your hands to have E-liquid all over them. Picture below shows the steps of changing the coil. 


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