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Aspire Spryte

by Vape Dojo on September 26, 2018

Lets jumps right into it. I will be using the breeze 2 as a comparison since we have already covered the breeze 2 and there are a couple differences. The spryte in my opinion is aspires way of trying to find the upgrade with the breeze 2 without really talking to their customers. Now that is not totally a bad thing when i say that but they could have definitely skipped some issues. As you see in the picture it sits on a slant. This is not completely bad but is not really worth anything. They could have easily made the bottom flat so it could actually stand on its own. It can stand on a slant if no one hits the table and if everyone has completely flat surfaces to put it on. The Breeze 2 can stand but again what is with the curved bottoms just make it flat. The button on the spryte it great. Very clicky and responsive with little issues of worrying the button may get stuck under the devices shell. The only issue i have with the button is its light. The button has an unbelievably bright light which can be used as a flashlight to find the key hole when coming home at night. Now this is a huge upgrade from the Breeze 2 since you could only see the light in the tank when it was dark or you had to remove the tank to see it. The cap that covers the top is like all aspires all in one kits it either falls off and gets lost or will not ever stay on. I would not mind a tighter cap or some type of latch system. Pocket lint has always been my enemy with aspire all in ones even when it is just sitting on my desk somehow lint finds its way in. I did just bash the spryte but i do really enjoy this device. The flavor is fantastic and the constant wattage till battery is fully drained is a huge plus. Getting a constant hit through its entire charge is amazing and all should use this. The Breeze 2 would have weaker and weaker hits as the battery died which is not horrible until i used the spryte. Now the spryte does has a 650 mah battery while the breeze 2 has a 1000 mah battery. This is not a huge negative but a kind of a disappointment. I do get around 3 to 4 hours with the spryte but also remember that being in a vape shop all you do is vape. So for the average vaper you should be around 7 to 8 hours with ease. If i have another device in rotation i get 8 hours of the spryte. The charging port is the last thing i have an issue with. It is on the bottom of the device. I do not know why they did not keep it like the Breeze 2. This is why i said these are upgrades without consulting your customers. Do not get me wrong i really like this device and i use this device everyday. These issues i just want you guys to know what you getting into. The issues are not horrible and should not make you not buy it. The spryte does everything right when it comes to vaping it but cosmetic wise it does not make sense.

Now removing the coil and filling the tank is very easy as shown above. Im very happy that they kept adjustable airflow. Adjustable airflow is a must have with all in ones. It really helps you fine tune the pull you want especially when using salt e-liquid. The only problem i have with the tank is that you can not have a full tank when changing the coil. I really wish they kept the design of the Breeze 2 tank where you were able to change the coil with a full tank of e-liquid. It is ok though because i have become used to this and usually when i need to change the coil my tank is not full. The coils have been lasting me on average from 5 to 7 days. Do not forget i work in a vape shop so all you do is vape. There is not much more to cover since it is an all in one it makes reviews very easy. I still do recommend this device to anyone who wants an all in one or a device to use salt e-liquid in. The cons are not really issues to make you not buy just as a heads up. I just wish Aspire would see some of these reviews to better their next device. Cosmetics are not always something that is needed but should definitely be looked at if you want people to use the device over others.


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