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Aspire Revvo

by Vape Dojo on August 04, 2018

The revvo is a relatively newer style tank. The coil is the biggest part of this tank and really makes it shine. The coil is disk shaped and looks like a maze with cotton as its path.

This design seems to be what a lot of companies will start to use. The hit is fantastic from low to high. It opens up a lot more to most vapers. What I mean by that is that it can be used by new and experienced vapers alike. What is also cool about this coil is that you can drip right on top of it like a RDA. This makes trying different flavors easy, and with its design gives the taste you are looking for. The tank design is an added plus. It has really nice adjustable air flow that aims to please most of you vapers. The reservoir is such a nice added touch for all us vapors. They could have just made this a dripper and called it a day, but they know we do not always have the time for that.

The tank has a lot of parts to it but this should not deter you at all. Everything goes back one way so reassembling this is very easy. With this disassembly it makes it very nice and easy to clean this tank. I just really enjoy having the most control and accessibility to all pieces. To fill this tank it will really blow your mind. That cone shaped piece is where you push down on with your bottle and squeeze to fill.


That is literally how you fill the tank. No mess. No unscrewing. Just press down on the cone and squeeze you bottle. DONE.

Replacing the coil is fairly easy as well. The top unscrews then the cone and pull coil up from there. Repeat backwards to install. Not much to it. Now what I have noticed with the coil is how long it lasts. When the coils cotton turns black or just nasty - from what all vapers have learned - that means the coil is done. NOPE. I got an entire month out of this coil and it still tastes completely fine even when the cotton looks no good/done. When I hit the month and a half mark that's when I started to get that burnt taste. I was running this coil from start to finish at 80 watts. I have also mixed and matched e-liquid. It seems to convert to the next flavor I have put in it pretty fast. No real complaints about this tank at all. I have and I am still enjoying this tank. I really enjoy the fair price of this tank and the price of the coils are not bothersome at all.


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