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Aspire Cleito Pro Tank

by Vape Dojo on October 19, 2018

Another Cleito From Aspire

Yes Aspire has made another Cleito with some well needed changes. This does not mean the other Ceitos are bad. What it means is that it is obvious that the Cleito tank is doing really well since it was introduced, and to keep up with the direction that vaping is going Aspire needed to show they still got it under control. I am pretty sure anyone who has been vaping for at least a year now has definitely heard or used the Cleito. The Cleito has always been a tank that could easily compete with the rest of the field. My experience with this tank shows me Aspire definitely is able to keep their quality while their competition still thinking of ways to one up them. This tank might be on your list of what to get next. Let's get into it.

Lets see those SPECs



This tank has a 3ml capacity, while those under Tobacco Products Directive get a 2ml capacity tank. The height and diameter are about normal for most tanks on the market, so do not assume that because of the numbers that this tank is huge. Well, that is unless you actually took the time to actually measure it out - then of course you could decide what is too big or too small. Its drip tip is a little different from your standard wide bore drip tip everyone normally uses. This wide bore is a comfortably curved Delrin drip-tip. Looking at the drip tip it does seem a bit too much, but for someone like me who does not like wide bore drip tips, but I see myself as actually o.k. with this one. Talking about drip tips always makes feel like I'm going to say the wrong thing, but hey, how am I supposed to describe something you put in your mouth and pull on.

Let us get a better look at this thing



With this amplified view of the Cleito Pro I hope it will help me describe it better to you. This tank is just like 80% of top fill tanks. You have to have a empty tank to be able to change the coil so you do not make a mess. I love top fill, but I do not like the fact that many companies make tanks where you must empty the tank to change the coil. This is the only problem I have with this tank. Everything else comes apart very easily and makes it very easy to clean the tank when the time is needed. I have not found myself losing any parts or unable to figure out how to reassemble it. The biggest change to the tank compared to the original Cleito is that they used a little bit less glass and more metal. This is really good for mos vapers since we all knock our vape over or drop it from time to to time. This does not mean it is indestructible, but it can take a little bit more of a beating. I just cannot be anymore pleased about how nice and easy this tank comes apart. I clean my tank after every coil change to help prolong use/life. Also the feeling of having a fresh tank is very satisfying to me.

Let’s talk about the Coil

The new Cleito Pro coils are definitely the best part of this tank. They are using mesh coils now in the same design of the original cleito coils. They of course changed the wick holes on these coils by making them a little tighter than the originals. Especially nice is the mesh coils not needing a ridiculous amount of E-liquid and thus preventing dry hits. With mesh coils it is using lower resistance with amazing surface area. Having, w/lower resistance you are able to push more wattage through the coil to get the bigger hit you want. Having surface area gives you way better flavour than a typical coil would, and it also helps with longevity of the coil. E-liquid consumption will be high in the beginning due to the amount of cotton in this coil, so make sure you prime your coils really well before use. Now this does not mean the 0.5 ohm coil is bad at any means. This will depend on the individual. There are people that come into my shop saying they do not like mesh, or conversely, they only want mesh now. This goes the same with E-liquid. All depends on you. The 0.5 ohm coils are still really nice - especially when it comes to vapor production. The mesh are just so damn good when it comes to flavour.

How do i change the coil and fill the tank?

When it comes to changing the coil they have made it a little easier by lowering the profile of the glass. Now remember when you change the coil you have to have the tank empty or it will run out of the airflow holes at the bottom of the tank. Not fun. Otherwise, the top just unscrews and then you are able to unscrew the coil. Done and done. It is just like most of your top fill tanks. Now, when filling the tank there is no need to unscrew the tank. 

There is ring that pulls off that reveals where the fill hole is on the top side of the tank. All you do is lay your tank on its side or just tilt it and fill through that hole. When your done filling the tank put the ring back on and your done. I have not had any E-liquid leak through the ring that you put on. I have repeatedly pulled off and put the ring back on to see if any wear starts to happen with the o-rings that secure the ring on. Nothing noticeable after 5 days in row of doing that. Of course I slept! I did 5 days with 8 hours each of just fiddling with it. Noticed nothing. Now it does come with extra o-rings just in case you somehow pinch or wear them out - just do not lose the box like you probably have with every other tank you have ever bought.

Well is it worth it?

I most definitely say it is worth it. I have had no issues at all. Again, the only thing I do not like is when the tank has to empty when changing the coil, but I do clean my tank every time I change my coil. I am just thinking like your average vaper who only cleans their tank once every 3 months, or when they are finally told that "this is gross" and it needs to be cleaned. The mesh coils for this tank really sold me on it. The flavour and the hits are just amazing, especially for a pre-built coil. The design of this tank just looks great and the quality is fantastic. Of course there's always room for improvement, but this is great/outrageous for where vaping is at today. I give this tank an 8/10. I really want a top fill tank where E-liquid will not go everywhere when I remove the coil or when I need to change it cause either I'm out and do not have a sink handy, or I just burned the coil cause I'm an idiot. It is only 3mls of E-liquid, but that is 3mls of E-liquid i'll never see again unless I go get more. The filling part is easy but I can never get the tank to line up perfect with my mod, so i can just lay it all on its side to fill it to the tippy top. Again, i'm just nit picking little problems just so you know if you get one. Working at a vape shop I have to look at these really crazy complaints so I know these “issues” well before someone tells me it's the end of the world. Yes shit does happen. I would still recommend this tank a customer regardless, because all the pros most definitely outweighs the couple of cons. Just go get one and be happy.


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