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Aspire Archon

by Vape Dojo on October 04, 2018

The Archon is a dual battery device that goes up to 150 watts. It has a very simplified way to be able to switch between wattage and temperature control. This makes it very easy to switch between the features and swap coils or tanks without having to click 5 times and then scroll between the right settings to get to the right type of metal you are using. This is a very nice touch to keep it easy and not have to wear down the fire button with the amount of clicks you would normally have to make to get to the right the setting. This also helps you not have to worry about hitting the fire button too many times in a row by accident and making it switch to a setting you did not want. This device feels pretty well built and comfortable. I do not have an issue holding it in my right hand or my left hand. I really like the design of the battery door. It does come with magnets to help make sure you push the door all the way on, and its C-clamp design is nice. The C-clamp design on the battery door is great for the long term. I say this because if the door starts to become loose over time of use, you can pinch the C-clamp with your hand to tighten its grip to get rid of that loose door. The magnets have never given me an issue either due to how big they are. The only thing i wish they had done to the magnets is to use stronger magnets so i do not have to pinch the battery door over long term use, but again it is not really a problem - ! am just looking for problems, lol. Here is the picture of how to install and remove your batteries.

So to the features of this mod. It has a lot to offer us. They have added some very easy controls and some nice added features i think all devices should have now. It has customizable logos on the screen. It is nice to not always have to see just numbers on my screen. You can write whatever you want on the screen without the use of a computer. You do not need any type of firmware or app to change things on this device. Everything is built right into it. So you can change the display with the device and you can also put a password on your device. This is a very nice feature that needs to put into all vape devices. To be able to keep people from using your device and to keep FDA from being FDA is an amazing feature. Again you are to make and change your password with your device without a computer. I absolutely love this. To not have to hook it up to a computer and find the program i need to just write “hi” is such a stress reliever. This feature is just great to prevent random people from trying to use your device when your out somewhere because ew cuties. Also nice for people with kids so that's one less thing you have to worry them little devils getting into. I just cannot stress this feature any enough. THIS NEEDS TO BE ON EVERY DEVICE THAT IS NEW TO THE MARKET!! Here is a picture for reference. 

I have no real complaints of this device. It does what it is supposed to do and offers extra features that make it a little bit different than other devices but in a good way. Aspire is really making products that will help you vape the right way and the safe way, while not breaking the bank. This device is such a good blueprint for all other companies that are thinking about making new mods. I am very impressed and pleased with the direction this mod is going. I can only anticipate good things for the next one they produce and hope companies follow this. If you already have this device I hope you feel the same way, but we are all different so I'd like to hear if there is anything you feel different about or something i missed? For those who want to know how this device's controls work, or if you already have one but threw away the directions of how to use it here's the button controls. 


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