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An RDA with good flavor, easy to build and bang for your hard earned bucks. If this sounds good, the Drop RDA may be for you.

by Vape Dojo on April 24, 2018

A quick review of the Drop RDA by Digiflavor that I've found has put my other RDAs on the shelf. I'd like to shout out to Anthony Vapes as he pointed me towards this RDA that otherwise I would have overlooked. You can find his channel on You Tube and his written reviews on various sites on the web.

What I love about this RDA is the flavor I get from 2 simple spaced coils. Lots of RDAs need specialty coils and lots of tinkering to get it up to their potential.
The first build I tried is still the build I use: 2 spaced coils, 6 wraps at 2.5 mm, 23 gauge Kanthal. It ohms out between .18-.20 – a little lower than I usually like but it works perfectly in the Drop. The air flow options are plentiful and with little experimentation the sweet spot is easy to find.

Inserting the coils is as easy as it gets. Positioning will vary: keep the coils low, with some liking them pushed more towards the center. I found pushing them towards the center puts out the most flavor, with the added bonus that I can drip through the drip tip.

Yes-drip. Though it comes with a squonk pin, dripping is so easy I don't even bother with squonking.

The deck is cleverly built as snipping the leads once the coils are properly placed is as easy as can be. Since this is round wire and spaced, there are no hot spots to get rid of. A quick check to see both coils are heating up at the same rate and it's ready for wicking.

You can find the Drop priced around $30. I have a ton of RDAs—some expensive authentics, clones of expensive authentics, and oldies but goodies like the Goon and Petris—but this is the one I keep turning to. Great bang for the buck!

Review by: Nick C, u/VapeDojoNick


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