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AIO Devices vs. Pod Devices

by Vape Dojo on April 26, 2018

     Two great modern electronic nicotine delivery devices for new vapers are the All-In-One (AIO for short) and the Pod system devices. Each of these devices have their own pros and cons for users. These devices can use various types of E-Liquids and coils. However, these devices are great from beginners who are looking to convert over from traditional cigarettes.

     All-In-One devices are as stated ALL-IN-ONE, the battery and tank are combined together into a small compact device. A great example of an AIO devices is the Aspire Breeze. The Aspire Breeze is a great palm sized device for those grab-and-go situations where you don’t want to deal with the hassle of carrying around spare batteries and clunky devices. The Aspire Breeze fits nicely in the palm of the hand, offering 2 mls of juice with a battery capacity of 650 mAh. The Aspire Breeze also offers two ways of activating the device, you can either hit the button on the front of the device or you can use the draw activation by putting the Breeze up to your lips and inhaling. With the breeze you can use traditional E-Liquids or the newer Salt-nic based E-Liquids. A great accessory offered by Aspire for the Breeze with the docking station for the Breeze, you can set the docking station up in your car or on your desk for a quick charge or you can take the dock with you because it is also an external battery for you breeze with a battery capacity of 2000mAh. Charging the breeze up to 3 times before you will need to charge the dock.

     Now pod devices are the newest greatest convenience device in the vaping community based on old technology. Much like the old Cig-a-like devices which are comprised of are cartridge filled with E-liquid that would be screwed down to the battery, pod systems use cartridges (or pods) with prefilled liquids or offer the option for the user to fill the pod with their own E-Liquid. Two popular pod devices amongst the vaping community are the JUUL and Sourin products. These pod devices offer the users to bring multiple pods with them with different flavors of juices. Unlike the Aspire Breeze, most pod systems typically use Salt-nic based juices which are normally a thinner E-Liquid to allow the E-Liquid to flow easier to the coil.

     Between these two devices, each device offers its own pro and cons. With both the AIO and POD System they offer the convenience of having a small device that you can take on the go with you when you want to go out and socialize or need a quick vape break to satisfy your needs. However, they also have their downsides that some vapers may find inconvenient. With the AIO you would need to have to change out the coil after a few weeks or if you wanted to change to a different E-Liquid. On the other-hand with the pod devices you can simple change out the current pod to a different one, but you will need to buy a new pod when the the coils become unusable. Pod systems also have comparable battery life as an AIO but most of the manufacturers of pod systems don’t off convenient accessories like external battery pack to charge your battery on the fly.

     In short, both devices are great for beginners and offer users with multiple benefits. They are both great compact devices that can be found between $20-$50 that require low maintenance on the user’s part.


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