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Smok TFV4 Tank

by Vape Dojo on April 20, 2018


  • If this is a slow leak--i.e. you leave it full overnight and discover the next morning it has leaked--that is indicative of a tank not making a proper seal. Make sure everything is fit snugly together. Pay close attention to the o-rings around the glass--see that they sit properly and create a seal with the glass. Make sure the chimney is screwed down completely. There should be a small o-ring at the chimney connection as well and it must be fit tightly to complete the seal--you may want to try screwing the coil into the chimney first and then the base. Check all your o-rings and especially around the top-fill section.
  • Bad coil--change the coil.


No Atomizer

  • Check coil is seated properly and screwed in tight. Check Chimney is screwed in correctly--any contact with coil will cause a short and display no atomizer. 
  • Bad Coil--change the coil.

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