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iSub Tanks

by Vape Dojo on April 20, 2018

Spit back, burnt taste and/or low vapor 

1. Prime the coil – a drop of e-liquid in each juice hole on the side of the coil and a couple of drops on the edges of the top (do not drip down the middle as that is the where the air travels). Insert the coil, fill the tank and let sit for a few minutes. Then start vaping it at lower wattage, gradually working up to the desired wattage. 

2. Lower wattage – high VG e-liquid (above 70%) may require lower watts.  

3. Cotton packed too tightly- this may be especially so for high VG liquid which makes it harder for the cotton to soak. You may take a pin to slightly loosen the cotton in the juice holes, or poke a small hole through it. Be careful though to not disturb the coil! 

4. Primer pulls – again with high VG liquid this may be useful. Take a couple of draws on your iSub without firing the device. This can help soak the wick more thoroughly. 

5. Change coil – once you get a burnt, metallic or generally bad taste from your coil, the coil will need to be changed. When the cotton by the coil is burned, or the coil has accumulated black residue, it can't be used any longer. 



1. Check o-rings – If one o-ring is damaged or missing the tank will leak. To get an idea of what to look for, these are images of the o-rings of the iSub G and where they are placed:

Vape Dojo iSubG O-Rings

Vape Dojo iSubG O-Rings

2. Check coil – a bad coil or a coil that needs changing will sometimes cause leaking through the air holes. 

3. Check everything is properly in place and tightened down – check that the coil is sitting flush and correctly in place. Make sure everything is tight, but don't overtighten: if you think you might be using too much force, you probably are. 

4. Disassemble and clean tank – running it under the sink and a touch of dish washing fluid is usually enough. Let it dry and assemble. 

5. Tank partially or completely filled for many days – cotton wick over-saturates and this will usually result in a leak. 

6. Temperature and Pressure changes – large changes in either can cause atomizers to leak. 


Bad Taste/No Taste 

1. Change coil – coil needs changing or it's burnt. 

2. Clean atomizer – some e-liquids will linger and therefore require a thorough cleaning. Also, a new tank may have residue of machine oil. 

3. Vapor's tongue – this is common for some people when vaping the same flavor constantly, or as a result of having quit smoking recently. Some things to try: change flavors, black coffee/smell coffee grounds, and menthol vapes can sometimes "reset" your taste buds. 


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