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Cleito Tanks

by Vape Dojo on April 20, 2018

Spit back            

    Prime the coil – With the coil installed, fill the tank and let sit for 10 minutes. Optionally you can place a drop of e-liquid on the juice holes before installing.

    Longer drip tip – places your mouth further away from the coil so that it alleviates the problem of e-liquid reaching your tongue.  

    More air flow – If the airflow is closed down too much it can result in a harder pull on the coil.

    Q-tip swab – condensation may be building up and then falling back into the coil. With a q-tip or something similar, wipe away any condensation from the inside of the drip tip to the top of the coil.

    Dry fire – With an empty tank and a saturated coil, fire the device to burn off excess e-liquid. Be very careful though to not burn the cotton wick!         

    Replace the coil – the coil is becoming over-saturated to the point where the atomizer cannot vaporize all the e-liquid around the coil. The coil may need replacing.


Airlock/Vacuum lock/Vapor but no flavor


The root cause seems to fall under 2 categories: Coil and O-rings.

    First, these are the suggestions from Aspire's engineers:

    Start at a low wattage - for example, the 0.4 ohm coil rated at 40-60W, start using it at 25W, use it for a few puffs, then slowly turn up the wattage until you get the best flavor and vaper amount.  

    We suggest to let the tank have a rest for every a few puffs, to let the tank soak juice especially when the VG of juice is high.

    After refilling,we need to let the tank sit for awhile to allow the coil to soak up the liquid. What's more, please refill the tank in time before the e-juice inside the tank completely used up to avoid burn taste. Every refilling, customers need to let the device stand up for at least 2 minutes.

    When no longer using (more than 2 hours or when we cannot use up one tank e-juice in one day) the cotton inside the atomizer will soak too much e-juice, which will stop e-juice and air entering into the atomizer. So please don't let the tank with e-juice stand up for long time.

    Any problem,please feel free to contact our service : service@aspirecig.com,they will check wth our engineer and give the suggestion and solution     


    Some additional things you can check:

    O-rings – check if the 3 o-rings on the coil and the 2 gaskets on the tank are correctly placed. You may even try replacing the o-rings if you have spares.

    Secure but don't tighten the topcap – tighten enough so the e-liquid won't spill out when you tilt it, but do not tighten all the way. This may allow a tiny bit of airflow that's needed to alleviate the airlock.  

    Wash and dry – Wash the atomizer, then let dry. Before assembling, completely dry the rim of the glass, the orange O-ring at the top of the coil, and the O-ring on the underside of the topcap.

    Screw the topcap on while holding only the stock drip tip – tighten until the drip tip starts spinning on the topcap.  

    Loosen the outer portion of the cotton – with a pin slightly loosen the cotton in the juice holes, or poke a small hole through it. Be careful though to not disturb the coil!  

    "Burp the tank"/Loosen the topcap – this would have to be done repeatedly between pulls and not very convenient. But if you see air bubbles start to rise to the top, your wick is soaking e-liquid and you will not get a dry hit.


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