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Samurai Selects - Cream
$59.97 $50.97

Introducing, the Samurai's Select Sampler Packs. A collection curated by the Vape Dojo Samurai with a vaper of creamy flavors in mind.

Pack includes: 

1x 120ml Vape Dojo Vanilla Custard

1x 120ml Vape Dojo Treasure Island

1x 120ml Vape Dojo Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

Vanilla Custard

Pure vanilla custard deliciousness.

Treasure Island

Return to your childhood... a favorite breakfast cereal. A full bowl in every vape!

Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

Luscious vanilla ice cream interlaced with ribbons of fresh raspberry.


Sampler includes 3 120ml bottles in the nicotine strength of your choice.

Flavors are not interchangeable.

Nicotine Strength

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