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Samurai Selects - Bakery

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Introducing, the Samurai's Select Sampler Packs. A collection curated by the Vape Dojo Samurai with a vaper of bakery flavors in mind.

Pack includes: 

1x 120ml Vape Dojo Butterscotch

1x 120ml Vape Dojo Good Cookie

1x 120ml Vape Dojo Sticky Buns


Swirls of butterscotch-ey goodness.

Good Cookie

The Noble family's chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Handed down from generation to generation.  Warm and fresh from the oven.

Sticky Buns

Hot out of the oven is this delicious breakfast sweet, smothered in sticky icing.


Sampler includes 3 120ml bottles in the nicotine strength of your choice.

Flavors are not interchangeable.

Nicotine Strength

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