RumblePup - Cielo 30ml

This one is something special to my heart. I'm sure you've heard of Tres Leches. It's a great dessert in most Latino and Hispanic homes, and Cubans are not exception. We LOVE the stuff. We love it so much we had to put in on steroids and made a new version called Quatro Leches.

Tres Leches was a standard that we loved to make a part of ANY and EVERY meal.

Dinner, and Tres Leches. Lunch, and Tres Leches. Quick bite to eat, and Tres Leches. Sometimes it was just a Tres Leches and a coffee.

We pride ourselves on our own particular family's version of Tres Leches, and my Aunt had a wonderful version. Tres Leches with Pear and Orange. To say that we looked forward to having some was an understatement.  This Tres Leches was heavenly.

Cielo means Heaven in Spanish.

ProfileFruit, Dessert

Primary Flavors: Tres Leches, Pear, Orange

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Bottle Size: 30ml and 60ml