RumblePup - Batido 60ml

Latinos, Cubans in particular, love MIXING stuff. Batidos are our own version of a milk shake or ice cream smoothie. We throw frozen fruit concentrate, fresh fruit, milk and a bit of ice cream in a blender, and blammo blend (my terms)  that thing until it was a frothy, creamy, colorful thing of beauty that we drank right along with lunch or late breakfast.

We would not drink this as a desert. Desert, no way, give me a batido with my sandwich now!

My Grandmother made batidos from hell. I still get brain freeze just thinking of them. They where delicious. This is my tribute to the wonderful batidos of my youth

ProfileFruit, Drink, Milkshake

Primary Flavors: Mango, Guava, Cream

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Bottle Size: 30ml and 60ml