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Ten Buck Bundles - Bold Sampler
$30.00 $25.49

Introducing, the Ten Buck Bundles! A collection curated by the crew at Ten Bucks Juice with a vaper of bold flavors in mind.

Pack includes: 

1x 60ml - Adult Flavor #35

1x 60ml - Employ-Mint

1x 60ml - Lack O' Tobacco

Adult Flavor #35

Slices of apple and roasted pecans added to a robust, flavorful tobacco.


Cranberry and pomegranate come together with the coolness of peppermint.

Lack O' Tobacco

A finely crafted blend of aged tobaccos and dried raspberries.


Sampler includes 3 60ml bottles in the nicotine strength of your choice.

Flavors are not interchangeable.

Nicotine Strength

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