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Always make sure to use a compatible device with proper airflow provided. As many don’t notice, the airflow on CN Cartridges is located just above where the 510 threading connects. Due to this, if used on the wrong device, airflow can be eliminated, making the cartridge impossible to draw. Ego style pens tend to be perfect, due to the built in airflow slots, and low power output.



Another great way to avoid harming the lifespan/potential of your Cartridge is to avoid excessive chain vaping. The wicking slots are rather thin, thus you should allow time for the coil to saturate between multiple hits/large hits. After every few puffs, I like to take a break for a couple of seconds, examine the cartridge, and wait for the bubbles coming from the airflow slots to stop.

Lastly, make sure to use the correct wattage if using a variable wattage device! These cartridges tend to clock around a 2.0 ohm resistance, so keep the wattage low to avoid burning the coil. I personally don’t go over 8-9 watts, and prefer to keep it around 5-8 watts.


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